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What does my child do in Foundation Stage?

Sound familiar?

We know the frustration this daily conversation can cause and we know it can be quite a challenge for children to recall the events of their day. It is much easier for children to remember and talk about what they did during a particular part of the day, for example, we could ask; “What new sound did you learn in phonics today?” So we thought it might help if we outlined the sessions which happen every day and should hopefully help lots more talking.

Morning Activities: 

These are the activities which your child will do when they first come into school in the morning. They are carefully chosen to introduce or develop a new skill, the children never do the same morning task twice so they experience and practise lots of new things.

Carpet Time: 

Here we learn about the term’s current theme, (an information booklet about each term’s theme always goes home with the children at the start of each new term). You can find out more about our themes on our school website highviewschool.org.uk

Choosing Learning Time: 

This is when your child builds new skills, puts their learning into practise and develops friendships through their activities, games and resources which they choose to learn through.


Each day your child will learn a new sound and practise their skills in reading, writing and comprehension. Click here to see more information about our phonics scheme.


These are ‘Wake ‘n’ Shake’ and ‘Take Ten’ and are done twice a day in addition to P.E. and free dance; we have a few favourite songs which we sing, dance and exercise to.

Talk Time: 

Here we discuss lots of issues, they may be adult or child led, we also have a philosophy discussion once a week which provides lots of interesting ideas and talk!

Assembly and Story Time: 

At the end of each day we will have a class assembly where we will celebrate learning, give time for your child to reflect and to share morals or important messages.  We listen to core stories which will always be related to the terms theme, we also listen to a range of favourite stories which the children choose from the reading den.

If you have any questions or would like to go through anything with a member of staff, please do not hesitate to contact us.

The Early Years Team.