High View Primary School

‟High View is an exciting place to learn and grow,
where everyone is valued for who they are.”

West Oxford Partner School Ghana

Our Combined Art Project Using Recycled Objects

West Oxford and High View children are all aware of the impact of single use plastic and wanted to create something beautiful from something which would normally be thrown away.  We had over 200 art packs made up containing recycled objects which the children could use to create their own art.  We created some videos to show the children how they could make their flowers which we will then use to brighten up our schools.

 How to make your flower

 Flowers Part 2

 Flowers Part 3




Year 6 Find Out More About Ghana Via Zoom

Year 6 enjoyed asking teachers Martin & Perpetual from West Oxford School in Ghana what school life is like via Zoom. The children enjoyed a virtual tour around West Oxford School and discussed the similarities and differences between the schools.  We now know Ghana is an hour behind us, it is the rainy reason and their children learn to speak 4 languages!


Reception Class Share Learning Via Zoom Call To Ghana

Following on from learning about Ghana, FS2 Bubble B had a brilliant zoom call with Head Teacher Perpetual from our Partner School, West Oxford School in Ghana.  The children enjoyed a virtual tour around West Oxford School (which was closed at the time due to COVID) and how school life differs in Ghana to England. 


Finding Out About Ghana

Our children in FS2 enjoyed finding out all about Ghana this morning.  First we used Google Earth to find out where in the world Ghana is. We learnt that it is quite close to the equator so found out it is a hot place to live. The children then found out what the Ghana flag looks like, compared a typical village to a city, compared the types of meals they eat at home to food they might find in Ghana. The children also learnt about Ghanaian culture, traditional dances and environment.