High View Primary School

‟High View is an exciting place to learn and grow,
where everyone is valued for who they are.”

Young Carers Club

High View take the role of young carers very seriously and aim to provide our carers with additional support when needed. We have registered for the Young Carers White Pin Badge and are currently in the process of applying for our Young Carers Award.  

Why are we doing this?

We believe that each child has the right to achieve their full potential but recognise that without support, this can be a harder process for some children. In the past, there has been a lot of stigma attached to young carers but we are pleased to confirm that at High View, this is definitely NOT the case.  We believe that our Young Carers should be recognised, nurtured and cherished for their selfless actions.

What is a Young Carer?

A young carer is a child under 18 years of age who looks after a member of the family who is sick, disabled or has a mental illness. This may mean they do shopping, cleaning, washing, or cooking; it may mean they give support or help emotionally too.

‘In the past, we have had parents/carers who have said that they have felt too embarrassed to identify their child as a young carer. At High View, we want to dispel this myth and to celebrate the fact that these children are special. Young Carers are children who go above and beyond, children who is (are) selfless and children who deserves (deserve) recognition and rewarding (reward) for their actions.’  As many as 1 in 12 pupils in the UK could be a young carer. That’s the equivalent to 2 in every class!

What might a Young Carer’s role involve?

The tasks and level of caring undertaken by young carers can vary according to the nature of the illness or disability, the level and frequency of need for care, and the structure of the family as a whole.

Young carers often take on practical and/or emotional caring responsibilities which would normally be expected of an adult.

These can include:

  • Practical tasks – cooking, housework and shopping.
  • Physical care – lifting or helping someone use the stairs.
  • Personal care – dressing, washing, helping with toileting needs.
  • Emotional support – listening, calming, being present.
  • Managing the family budget, collecting benefits and prescriptions.
  • Medication management.
  • Looking after younger siblings.
  • Helping someone communicate.

How do High View support Young Carers?

  • All our staff are trained  to identify children who may be young carers
  • We run a dedicated club to support potential young carers
  • We ensure our young carers know where support is available to them in school
  • We are linked with the Young Carers Trust and work closely with Barnados
  • We help our children understand the challenges and rewards faced by young carers, through assemblies and circle time sessions
  • We have regular drop in sessions
  • We have regular extra-curricular activities for our Young Carers
  • We have a Young Carers noticeboard which contains information and support
  • We have learning mentors and counselling available as appropriate
  • We have useful information and links on our website

Research suggests there are at least 700,000 young carers in the UK but many do not realise they are a young carer.

We know that young carers may need a little extra support to enjoy and do well at school. At High View we are committed to ensuring that all our young carers are identified, and supported effectively.

As part of High View’s Young Carers Team, we have responsibility for ensuring all young carers are able to enjoy school and make good progress. If you think your child might be a young carer, or could be affected by any of the issues we’ve highlighted,  please contact a member of staff who will be able to help you. Any information that is given to us will be treated sensitively and no information will be shared without your knowledge.

Time 4 U

This is a new Young Carers Initiative launched by Plymouth City Council, click here for more information.

Plymouth Young Carers is a citywide project providing youth sessions for all young carers aged from 8 years old. The overall aim is to give young carers a break, meet up with other carers, have opportunities to engage in positive fun activities and to feel supported. The project is run by Community Connections Youth Workers and Volunteers


time for you carers leaflet.pdf