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It is important to understand how to be safe online; this page highlights some useful resources and websites. If you have any e-safety concerns, please contact a member of staff.

E-Safety at High View

The High View E-Safety Policy describes our school expectations and defines safe and appropriate use of our computing facilities. It also covers the use of mobile devices within and outside the school so that everyone can stay as safe as possible online.

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These are general e-safety information sites for parents.

Social media, like all forms of public communication, comes with some risks. Not all of these risks turn into actual problems; and if children never face any risks, they never learn how to deal with them. By helping your child understand what the risks are, you can play a big part in preventing them from turning into problems.

E-Safety sides for children to use

These sites are recommended to support the teaching of e-safety.

Lee & Kim’s Adventures + Hector’s World Age 5-7 Cyber Cafe Age 8-10  Smart Crew KS2
Jessie's World

Parental Controls Information 

 Go Compare Parent Guide for Broadband and internet safety