High View Primary School

‟High View is an exciting place to learn and grow,
where everyone is valued for who they are.”

Academisation Update

Further to previous information on this matter, the public consultation period for this has now ended, and I am pleased to let you all know that Hannah Woodhouse (who is the Regional Schools Commissioner for the South West) has approved High View’s application to convert to an academy, and further pursue joining the Learning Academies Trust. I would also like to take this opportunity to clarify that this doesn't mean we have yet converted to become part of an academy: instead, it means that we can now undertake the further statutory and legal work that needs to be completed around this prospect, and the aim is to complete conversion to the Learning Academies Trust at some point before the end of this Academic Year. Please be completely reassured that I will keep you all fully informed on progress towards this outcome as appropriate.  Mr Trayte