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High View Page Turners


We have developed ‘Page Turners’ for each phase across the school to ensure that every child is exposed to quality classic and modern literature -regardless of their reading ability or background- so that rich language and a deep understanding of a range of texts is acquired and developed. These books are the reading rites of passage that will pave the way for our children to access further great literature that lies ahead in their lives, as we aim to grow a love of reading within them. 


Our ’Page Turners’ are a core of books that create a living library inside our children’s minds. It is a store of classics and essential reads that help children engage at a deeper level and enter the ‘world of story’. Each half term, we will explore these books through whole-class reading sessions, which will provide the children with a broad range of rich opportunities and experiences: 

  • To read complete books, which are both suitable and appropriately challenging for their age.
  • To become immersed in rich dialogue around the core themes that each book presents.
  • To be exposed to a breadth of genres and authors, in order to support their independent book choices.
  • To further deepen their ability to recognise and appreciate exemplary examples of writer’s style, before exploring and utilising such techniques within their own writing. 


These books will stay with the reader forever; these books are life-changers. Overall, we aim for our children to grow a love of reading, which will support them in accessing and fully understanding a range of texts both confidently and competently.

High View
Page Turners
Cycle A


High View
Page Turners
Cycle B