High View Primary School

‟High View is an exciting place to learn and grow,
where everyone is valued for who they are.”

Events 2021 -2022



  We joined the 

 Year 1/2 Our Local Environment Assembly

 Sports Day 

Year 1/2 Trip to
Wembury Beach

 Year 3/4 DT
Food and Nutrition

 Plymouth Respect

 MKC And Young Carers Visit Pizza Express

 1/2JA Story Gifter Session 

 FS2 Visit
The Aquarium

 Year 1/2
Scientific Investigation

 Year 1/2 
Watercolour Art

 Luke Pollard Visits
High View

  Year 3/4
Visit The Eden Project 

 Year 3/4
Rainforest Assembly

 KS2 Brickfields

 Medifest with

 Year 1/2
Explorers Assembly

 Year 3/4
Respect Festival

 Mini Police
Social Action Day

 World Ocean Day

 Year 6

 KS2 Learn About
UK Parliament

 HRH Queen Elizabeth's Platinum Jubilee 

 A Generous Litter Picking Equipment Donation

 MKC and Young Carers Visit Clip and Climb

 FS2 Love Their
Harp Experience

  Year 2 Learn About Firefighting

 Year 5

 5/6SM Learn
Circus Skills

 FS2 Jack and the Beanstalk Assembly

 Year 4 Learn About Anti Social Behaviour

 MKC and Young Carers Visit Dartmoor Zoo

 Year 1/2 and 5/6 Excel In Geography

 Year 3/4 Learn
Creative Coding

 Walk To School Week Reduce Carbon Emissions

 FS2  Determine If It Is A Fruit or Vegetable!

 Year 3/4 Learn About Grid References 

 MKC Club Create Memory Boxes

  FS2 Use Printing To Create Their Castles

  3/4JH Dissect and Investigate Parts of Plants 

 Year 4 Made Their Mini Police Promises

 Mental Health Awareness Week

 Year 5/6 Start SATs With A Full Tummy

  3/4LW Complete Their Mini Police Applications

 Spirit of Adventure Sailing with Conrad Humphreys

 PAFC Dartmoor Zoo
Easter 2022

 PAFC Fit and Fed
Easter 2022

   Platinum Jubilee Competition

Year 5/6 DT
Making Pasties

 WRAP Club 
Hot Chocolate Treat!

 Picture News
Advocate School

 Year 5/6 Clay
Sculpture Pots

 Year 1/2 DT and
Boat Race

 Year 3/4 Investigate Colour Mixing - Paul Klee Style

 Year 3/4 DT
Sewing and CAD

 FS2 Woodlice
Scientific Investigation

 Mother's Day with
WRAP Club 


 Year 3/4 Gymnastics Day at Coombe Dean Academy

 MKC Litter Pick
March 2022

 FS2 Learn About

Girls Football

 FS2 Art Club Learn About Mosaics

Year 1/2 Story Time with Librarian Kim


 Comic Relief

 Global Recycling

 Spring is here! 
Meet Tilly and Billy!

 WRAP and
Bubble Fun!

 FS2 Future Scientists in the making!

  Year 3/4 investigate artist Paul Klee

 Working with artist
Alice Robinson Carter

   World Book Day

 Year 1 and FS2

Year 3/4 Ancient Egyptians Assembly

 Year 3/4 Visit Torquay Museum

FS2 Draw their own maps of London

 FS2 Virtual Tour
of London

 Number Day
February 2022

 Year 3/4 Football
January 2022

 FS2 Christmas
Nativity 2021

 KS1 and KS2 Christmas Performance 2021

 Year 5/6 Indoor Athletics
Nov 2021

 Children In Need

 Year 1/2
Lighthouses Assembly

 Year 6 Visit The Box Connecting Classrooms

 Fun At
MKC Club

 High View

 Eco Warriors Meeting To Look At Recycling Survey

 FS2 Create Some Great Story Maps

 FS2 Enjoy Meeting
PC Tim

 Year 5/6
WWII Assembly

 MKC Attend Efford Memorial Service

 Year 1/2 DT Half Term Lighthouse Project

 Year 3/4 Stone Age

 Year 3/4 Investigate The Pillars Of Islam

 Year 5/6 Investigate Women In WWII

 Year 3/4 DT Stone Age
Half Term Project

 Year 5/6 DT WWII
Half Term Project

Virtual Storytime

 High View's COP26
Leaf Pledges

 Efford Regeneration

 FS2 Half Term Challenge Reading In Unusual Places

 Making Plastic Fish & Chips Connecting Classrooms

 School Council Communication Team

 High View's Black History Month Assembly

 Crazy Glue Art Club Animation Fun!

 Year 3/4 Fieldtrip
to  Merrivale 

 Apple Pressing
With Year 3/4

 High View's
Climate Change Assembly

 The Mayflower

 David King
Olympic Hurdler

 High View's
Pantosaurus Assembly

 High View's
Harvest Assembly

 Crazy Glue Art Club 
Large Scale Drawing

 Year 3/4 Stone Age

 FS2 Settling in and Enjoying School

  High View's World Space Week Assembly

Year 1/2
Plymouth Trip

  Emmaz Dad
Road Safety Assembly